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What do we do for #Ecopreneurs that is so special? For us education is the key to set up a successful business. We provide you with tools, resources and networking events to support your project and make your eco-start-up the best that it can be.

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About Us.


Hey, I am Raphaël. The environmental head. My work focuses on reducing the impact that businesses have on our environment and spreading knowledge of a more circular economy. I started my sustainable journey by volunteering and designing sustainable a city plan for the city of clichy-sous-bois (France), I then worked as an environmental consultant and started a blog to make sustainability and environment knowledge available to everyone. My aim is that through 2worlds we are going to be able to tackle the problem of carbon emission by educating entrepreneurs at seed stage of their businesses. In 2014 I completed my MSC in Environmental Sciences and became a IEMA associates in 2016 and a PHD in pizza eating. but before all of that I am an epicurean.


Hi there, I am Latisha, I must confess I am the Entrepreneurial geek of 2worlds. My specialist field is innovation and entrepreneurship. I lecture in this topic and I LOVE IT! Personally, I passionately encourage female and social entrepreneurship, whilst also embedding the need for environmental responsibility and social impact., to show individuals how to problem solving using business. I design resources and workshops to help individuals to make their dreams come true, developing the business or idea to it’s fullest potential. I also love the process of illustrating, drawing and painting as a part of 2worlds, I am so crazy about it i work super hard to create all of the imagery associated with us

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