linear economy is a dead end. Globally, businesses are the main source of carbon emissions. Whether it be through the use of fossil fuels or industrial processes. By not adapting the right attitudes, we are technically influencing consumers to enter that unsustainable path. Doing this, is not only affecting us it’s also impacting the ecosystem, agriculture and the weather, to be honest the list is endless...

It is vital to know that for the benefit of our planet and the next generation’s to follow, actions and choices matter….

This is where we hope to influence and assist change with our super ecopreneurial strengths. We educate, provide skills and awareness for (eco) entrepreneurs during any stage of their business journey. We achieve this by encouraging a more circular economy through workshops, online courses and good vibes.

We are not just giving you resources for you to go away and struggle with on your own: Our services are tailored just for YOU and are designed in order to help you open a successful path to ecopreneurship. We are always experiencing new methods so we can learn together and come up with the best ideas for you to learn. For example, within the last few months or so we’ve created the paperless marketing plan to assess how long a business can promote itself without paper.

Our commitment to sustainability goes far beyond being JUST a training provider: Our intention with the worldies community is to set up sustainable and social projects, by retaining a number of our customers to work with us within our worldies community.
By joining 2worlds, you are opening a new loop. A loop where businesses help the environment and people; where the customers help you to help the planet and influence the government to invest in OUR planet. Choosing and using 2worlds is making a positive choice for change.
Are you willing to choose a sustainable path yet?