Entrepreneurs/Ecopreneurs: Passion is more important than the idea itself in the business start-up process.

17 June 2018 0 By 2worlds

2worlds nurtures entrepreneurs that care about our environment through Education,workshops and Consultation. Ecopreneurship/ entrepreneurship requires passion from the very beginning of a business and beyond and throughout.

👋Hi am Raph and I am one half of 2 worlds. Each month we will bring to you a blog article to help break down the key fundamentals of ecopreneurship in a cool and blog article that we hope you find useful.

Our posts are certified 0 bullsh*t and 100% true to ourselves and all that we are passionate about.

Let’s be clear, this is not a Ted talk, it is simply a way for us to communicate with you in a fun and informative way. In the hope of ensuring that you are following your passion and are heading down the right path.

#IKIGAI — May the 💪be with you.

Ikigai means “ your reason for being” in japanese, for me personally that’s exactly what an (eco) business should be about; Being before doing. I mean think about it the whole concept of an eco business is to first select an issue within the world that you are passionate about changing and secondly making those changes through your business processes.

Many people think that only the business idea itself will give you that “beast mode” 🐼 to wake up every morning to go and “hustle” for those worldly issues you want to impact. However it is not that simple, it is so much more. Believe me there are days when I feel like 💩.

I mean business is tough. As much as there are highs there are also lows. At times the only thing that motivates me to strive on is the purpose that I have given to myself, to be specific what I believe in and the fact that what I do is of importance, both for me and those that I have an effect on. This helps get me out of bed and to get things done, give it a try.

Find your “IKIGAI” and start visualising where you and your idea belong,

The concept is based on 4 areas:

  1. Your passion 💙 : The thing that you love.
  2. Your profession 💼 : The thing that you are good at.
  3. Something the world needs 🌎 : That which you are willing to fight for to make the world better
  4. Your Vocation 💸 : that you can be paid for.

It’s about balancing all four areas at once.

#Make passion your truest form of credibility. 😎

Passion is your first business card. No matter where you are.

You are probably wondering how and why?

OK, so let’s say that you are 3 years into your business, imagine all the people you have come across throughout the process of your businesses success, I’m talking about the ones that are memorized by the awesomeness of your business and rave on about your products/services. To name a few there are; your fans, clients, journalists, business partners, employees, parents, friends, that’s a lot of hand shakes. 👋

The only thing you can transfer and sell except from your product/service is enthusiasm, excitement and the sparkles in your eyes that shine as a result of this .This is what enables your customers to understand what you are offering, why you have chosen to take this path in business and develop expectations of of what you have to offer. The more passionate you are about your business the higher the expectations, this does however, need to be supported with effective, professional business practice.

When you are lucky enough to share your journey with business partners or employees, the passion and motivation that you have will rub off on them if you are passionate enough. On a daily basis this drive can be used to elevate and push those in your company to persevere for longer periods of time, with a true sense of purpose. Offering a pure desire to help improve the eco cause that you have chosen to help improve. I mean why should it be any other way? After all you have chosen to build a business driven by a passion for what you love to do, why not allow them to feel the same about working with you.

If we did not have that fire within us, the team would not have survived through the couple of (business) heartbreaks we had.

We truly learnt the beauty of the passion behind the business and how, because of it we kept going no matter what.

#Survival mode 💥

In entrepreneurship the unexpected can pull you down. Surprises can change the attitude you have towards your project.

I remember one particular day were we experienced a big-fat-disappointment .

We were asked to host an event for a couple of hours, we travelled quite a distance and were told to prepare for and expect no less than 30 people to come and hear us discuss the importance of ecopreneurship. We arrived on the day and only 4 people actually turned up. We decided to continue with our presentation, using the experience as practice for events to come and found it was good even with 4 attendees.

Originally there was disappointment, it stings when you don’t get what you expect in business. For a week, we wondered if the business was attractive enough on paper, if it was our fault, if our content was that rubbish people were totally unmotivated by us and our idea. But in actual fact it was down to the event planner and the way the whole event was orchestrated and the fact that we were perhaps too laid back throughout the process. We should have taken more control, asked more questions etc..

With this in mind, we chose to look at it in a positive light. We networked with two new people and had a right laugh in the end. We realised that we were too passionate about creating a new generation of ecopreneurs and so we went back to the drawing board and decided to reflect on our action plan, evaluate everything that went wrong and how could we make it better.

💪After all a business only fails when you give up, or when no passion is involved.

#Grit 💖

A huge part of our culture at 2worlds is based on Love, either for entrepreneurship or for sustainability(even cake). Passion is like the karma of business you have to give, show, share and transfer to get rewarded for your hard work. Being passionate is necessary for a social enterprise it is definitely a way to add value to your service and product or to inspire or other entrepreneurs or ECOpreneurs as we like to call ourselves.

I know that passion is a concept that is hard to measure but A. Duckworth came up with a quiz that allows you to define how passionate and likely to persevere you are. Don’t you worry about the results there is no right or wrong answers, its the perfect quiz, no pressure.

Passion for most ecopreneurs is the ‘’trigger’’ to move on building their business and work with 2worlds 🌟

If you feel as though you have a business that can be ,erged with an environmental passion , join us and become a Worldie, attend a workshop or contact us at info@2worlds.co we would love to hear from you.

Peace Out.